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  1. Haven Housekeeping

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  2. Gay Straight Alliances/Gender and Sexuality Affinity Clubs

    1. Introduce yourself

      Introduce yourself, your GSA (or other club name), and your school.

    2. Coordinate Events

      Coordinate events with other GSA leaders.

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    3. Share Event Ideas

      Share ideas or ask for advice on how to organize special events on your campus.

    4. Meeting Ideas

      Share and ask for advice on meeting ideas.

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    5. Recruiting and Maintaining Membership

      Share ideas and ask advice on how to recruit and maintain club membership.

    6. Changing Homophobic and Heteronormative Culture on your Campus

      Share ideas and ask advice on how you can get your campus to be a more welcoming, and proactively sensitive place for LGBT students.

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    7. Issues on your campus

      Share about problems on your campus regarding gender and sexuality and offer advice.

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    8. Triumphs

      Share about successes you or your club have experienced.

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    9. Leadership Goals

      Write about your leadership goals for your club.

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  3. Your Campus Programs

    1. Tell us about Your Program

      Tell us about your club, group, class, etc.

    2. Building Programs

      This is the place to discuss how your campus has built your program or seek assistance in building your program. Your club, your class, your group, etc. which is working to create a safer and more welcoming campus.

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    3. Program Successes

      Tell us about programs and projects which have produced positive results.

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    4. Program Challenges

      Discuss challenges your program faces here. Seek advice and discuss strategies.

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  4. Issues on your Campus

    1. Bullying and Cyberbullying

      Discuss bullying and cyberbullying problems you are having on your campus. Seek advice and discuss strategies.

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    2. General School Climate

      Post here about the general school climate currently and how it affects you, your classmates, your teachers, and the work you do.

    3. Issues with Administration and Teachers

      Are there issues with your administration and teachers that are causing problems on your campus? Seek advice and discuss strategies here.

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    4. Stress Management

      Discuss sources of stress you are experiencing. Seek advice and discuss strategies.

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    5. Intergroup Relations

      Discuss issues surrounding intergroup relations on your campus. Seek advice, and discuss strategies.

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  5. Peer Mediation

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  6. Miscellaneous Topics

    1. Current Events

      Discuss current affairs and the effects on your campus.

    2. Found around the Internet

      Show us videos, images, stories, and more that you've found on the internet that relate to issues on your campus.

    3. Your Creations

      Share any artwork, videos, articles, etc. that you have created.

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