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Hello all!

My name is Will Hoadley-Brill and I am the founder and Team Manager of the SPHS Mediators (the peer mediation group at South Pasadena High School). Our program is only in its third year, but we are very well established and have an efficient and effective system for getting our name out there and funneling mediations quickly while ensuring quality. The SPHS Mediators are also dedicated to ensuring the mental well-being of the students on campus. This means that we supply students with resources on how to deal with stress, mental health issues, and the weight of being a high school student in these anxiety filled times. 

I have posted here to let you know that I am very experienced in the areas of mediation and mental health/wellness education. If you have any questions regarding any topic attached to either of the previously stated topics, please feel free to reach out. I would love to share my plethora of resources and I love talking to people who share one of my passions. 

Thanks so much!

Hope to talk to you soon! 

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