• How do I bring restorative practices to my class/school?

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    • For: Educators, Administrators by Haven


    • Research restorative practices and the impact they can have on schools. Use this knowledge to build support among the school community, including administration, teachers, staff, parents/guardians and students. 
    • Find an organization or person in your area who provides training in restorative language and community-building practices. Have them do professional development with all school staff in processes such as talking circles. If professional development for the whole staff is not approved, teachers can attend trainings and bring the practices back to their own classrooms.
    • Develop with school community representatives a plan for creating a restorative school culture. This plan may include establishing common restorative language throughout the school and reinforcing it through actions such as hanging posters with language reminders, created by the students, around the school. 
    • Use talking circles and restorative language with all school community members. First use circles with school staff, and then bring them to classrooms and parents/guardians. 
    • Contract with a restorative practices organization or person to lead restorative conferences. Once a culture of building community has been established, use conferences to resolve instances of harm that occur at the school. 
    • Train students as peer mediators. With interpersonal conflicts, students can be trained to lead their peers in mediation. Find out more about how to bring peer mediation to schools, here (link to article on this). 
    • Have an evaluation program in place. Show how the program is benefiting the school in order to continue building support to keep it in place and support its growth.


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